Friday, August 16, 2013

Preseason Wk 2 Friday Night & Saturday & Sunday & Monday Picks!!!

Well, I went four for four on Thursday night, picking the Browns Eagles, Ravens & Bears.  

And for my next magic trick, I need some tequila!  But seriously, here's the rest of my Wk 2 picks!

Bills over Vikings
Chiefs over Niners
Pats over Bucs
Saints over Raiders
Cowboys over Cardinals
Bengals over Titans
Jets over Jags
Packers over Rams
Texans over Dolphins
Seahawks over Broncos
Giants over Colts
Redskins over Steelers

And my big exciting video will come out before the Dallas game on Saturday!!!

This has been your friend, True Blue Frog saying 'See you later!  Bye!'

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