Friday, June 28, 2013

Jerry & Josh & 'The Patriot Way'

Hello, I am True Blue Frog, and today I'm going to say something that is on the minds of a lot of football fans and fans of the Cowboys in particular:  Jerry Jones has got to stop running the Cowboys like some sort of halfway house for down-&-out players!  Quit trying to reform the unreformable, and let's win some damn games already!  Eight and eight every year ain't gonna cut it no more!

Okay, so...Aaron Hernandez of the Patriots gets arrested for murder, right.  When the news was first announced, some folks on the TV sports channels said it was a bit harsh for the Patriots to immediately cut ties with him with no words of sympathy or support or any mention of how a man is innocent until proven guilty, yadda yadda, etc.  They just cut him.  Maybe they knew something the general public didn't know about the case. Or about they knew something about Hernandez in general.  Or maybe it's just the mystical "Patriot Way" (add harp music here) that makes Belichick the football genius he is (despite coming up short at the end of the season A LOT lately):  

(Oops, I guess that wasn't harp music).

Whatever this mystical "Patriot Way" is, someone needs to sprinkle a dash of it in Jerry Jones' coffee, so he can wake and smell the negative press, problems, and losses that come when you take on a Pacman Jones or a Josh Brent.  Speaking of, ironically, I was watching the NFL Network preempting the 2008 Dallas Cowboys "Hard Knocks" when all of a sudden the show returned from non-stop Hernandez coverage to show the 2008 version of Pacman writing a note of apology saying that he'll never ever ever ever get in trouble again.  This was followed by a clip of Jerry behind his desk raving about how much faith he has in Pacman's reform.  So delusional!  But then again, that's the story of the Dallas Cowboys for the past ten years or so!

So, wake up Jerry!  Josh Brent, a player who is facing vehicular manslaughter chargers due to substance abuse, failed yet another drug test and is arrested!  

DUMP HIM!  What the hell!!??  The Cowboys aren't Boys Town and you aren't Father Flanagan!  

And I'd like to see us go to another Super Bowl sometime before I die!  (It's on my bucket list).

I know I'm stating the OBVIOUS, but I'll say it anyway:  Jerry goes around saying any press is good press.  Well, this P.T. Barnum approach to public relations is killing our credibility as a team.  And it's no good for locker room morale, either.  And it doesn't lead to winning football.  So, maybe the "Patriot Way" makes some sense after all.

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